The Adventure Club - Temporary Hiatus

The Adventure Club
I was hoping we could avoid this, but The Adventure Club is going on a bit of break. I'm hoping of a break of just 2 weeks and then we'll be back.
The comic takes a lot of work. When we started posting it both Jason and I were out of work so we had quite a bit of time to dedicate to it. We also we have one full story done. We also had a good chunk of the 2nd story finished and most of the 3rd written.
Shortly after we started posting the comic Jason found a full time job (YAY!) and not long after that I found and a not quite full time job (yay!). This development is amazing for us in all ways, except for time. We have way less time for Squshies now.
We're slowly but surely getting the hang of our new schedules but it's a rough transition to go from not working at, all to working a lot, while still trying to maintain all our various Squshie projects. Sadly we aren't as far ahead on story 3 of the comic as we would like to be =(
The first 3 weeks of the next story are just about ready to go, but looking at what we've got coming up work wise this month it seems unlikely we'll be able to keep pace with the posting schedule. We felt, if a break is going to have to happen before a new story starts is much preferable to taking a break mid-story. 
As we get a better handle on managing our time and my job, as expected, becomes more and more part time we hope to get a better routine going for keeping up with various projects. 
Thanks for all your continued support of the Squshies and this comic. We hope you're just as excited for story 3 as we are!
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