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feeding a Binturong
We spent the last few days at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. We got married at the Safari park so it seemed like the perfect place to celebrate. We also love any reason for a weekend at the zoo.

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So remember when we went on vacation weeks ago? I've made a few post about the last part of our vacation like our visit to the San Diego Zoo and Legoland. Well now to start with the first part!
Well the first part of our many weeks away started off with lots of family and friends coming in for our wedding!  We got married on June 23. I'm very slow at blogging,  but I'm finally taking the time to sit down and blog about. Plus I've now got pictures to show you and blog posts are more fun with photos.

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Last week, between my return to work and a full calendar of social engagements, I have been finding places for all the wedding decorations that survived. The paper flowers have gone back to the ceiling in a more organised way. However there are still quite a few paper flowers and dinosaurs still in need of a home. As evidenced by this box of bags of origami. Organization for the Squshies continues to increase thanks to our new DIY whiteboard =) The cup hooks holding pens make it especially fancy. 

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Now that I'm married (and back from our amazing week of vacation) things are supposed to get difficult right? Well I welcome difficulty, I can't wait to start working on new things with Danielle. The wedding was fantastic, thanks to the zoo and everyone who came. There'll be a lot more pictures soon, but this should serve as illustration for now: There were wooden dinosaurs, paper dinosaurs, plastic dinosaurs, and Live Freaking Animals! all over the wedding =)  And now I intend to have a little rest, then continue doing awesome things. Gotta plan for zoo part two, the anniversary...

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It's strange spending so much time working up to what is essentially just one big party. Certainly it is a thing worth celebrating, and a lot of fun making our own decorations and everything, but I am looking forward to spending some time not worrying about so many details.

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