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A few weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine correctly and confidently. Well I've started the learning!
making a skirt
A couple weekends ago we had a completely free day. No plans and nothing pressing to get done. It was one of those dreary days where I really don't feel like doing much of anything. Instead of caving in to my lazy grey day tendencies, I thought maybe it would be a good day to start this leaning stuff.

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I want to learn something new this year and I've decided it is about time I learned how to confidently use a sewing machine.
I've used a sewing machine a few times, way back in middle school home economics class and once recently with a lot of supervision and help. I'm super intimidated by them terrified of breaking it. This is no good and needs to end! Luckily for me Jason knows how to use the sewing machine and he's going to work on teaching me.
colorful animal fabirc

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