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So in my last weekly update I mentioned we were giving the look of the shop a bit of an overhaul. Well it has been done! The Squshies Storenvy shop has a whole new look!
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I made a sketch a few weeks ago of how I imagined I'd like the shop to look. Jason tackled the easier part of making the listings wider last week. I thought it would take quite a long time to re-do the navigation but he was able to overhaul that on Wednesday night! 

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Been finding some time to return to needle felting. Quite a while ago we cut out all the pieces I designed for a set of needle felted dinosaurs and I'm finally getting around to them. Working on perfecting my technique as well, these two went a lot faster than the previous ones. a little more work and I may actually have something to sell someday.

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This week I wend back to a sculpture medium I haven't tried in many years, polymer clay. Bought a couplt packages of Sculpey and used some old stuff i had lying around with no labels (could be anything) but it still worked out just fine. Now I have a little figurine of the Squshie T-Rex design that I have yet to take out of prototyping and actually put on sale.

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The Scar hand puppet I started forever ago is finally done! 

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Return to the blog I mean, as in something I made. Not like the return of food you have eaten that comes back to haunt you in some way. We won't go there.

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