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Happy 2014!
It is hard to believe it time to start a new year. Last year went so fast and what an awesome year it was!

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I've just updated both the Squshies Etsy shop and the Squshies Storenvy Shop with all kinds of new felt animal ornaments! Seriously one of the biggest shop updates ever! So many critters that hadn't been added to the shop before.

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I've been really discouraged with animation lately. I barely feel like opening Maya and when I do I can only bring myself to work for maybe an hour before my wrist starts hurting or I get frustrated. It sucks. Months of looking for any type of job, ended in me getting yet another crappy retail sales associate job. A job that made me absolutely miserable. I quit after a month, after only 2 short shifts on the sales floor. I really never want to go back to retail. So career and employment stuff this year has been pretty crap.

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