New Laser Cut Felt Shapes

If you follow on social media, you've probably noticed we've started offering laser cut felt shapes! But wait, most of those aren't beasts at all! That's true, but there a lot of things in the world and we imagine our Little Beast enjoy seasonal decorating as much as we do =)

We made our first set of felt shapes a bit before Halloween, to cheer up our space and ourselves. Being at home almost 100% of the time due to the pandemic starts to get you down after a while. It was surprising how much adding a couple of seasonal felt banners to a room lifted our spirits!

Our friends saw our garlands during video chats and loved them! So we decided to add them to the shop! 

We always thought offering felt shapes would be fun, but until we started laser cutting it wasn't a feasible option. 

Decorating for the holidays always sounds fun, but it's a lot of work! Hand cutting a bunch of small shapes to make a garland is daunting. But with our laser cut felt shapes, the hard part is taken care of!

We offer individual shapes, so you can customize your very own garland with colors and shapes. We also offer assorted sets of themed shapes and colors, if you don't want to make a ton of decisions. You can find all our current pre-cut felt shape offerings here

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