Squshify My Pet 2015 - Finalists and Voting

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted pet pictures to the Squshify My Pet 2015 Contest
We've narrowed down the entries to 10 finalists. As always it was extremely hard to choose. Now that we are exhausted from all the tough decisions, it is time for you to vote! Each photo has a number in the right hand corner. Please leave a comment, here on the blog with the numbers of your 3 favorites. We had a bunch of problems with this last year so to super emphasize this: 
Please help spread the word about the voting! We want to be sure to get enough votes to properly find a winner. 
If you are one of the lucky 10 finalists, be sure if you  haven't already to read the full contest rules!
Our link to the rules keeps breaking. We're working on fixing it, but until then here is is: http://squshies.net/pages/squshifymypet2015
Now on to the cute pictures!
Now you've seen all the finalists, lets us know your 3 favorites.  Each photo has a number in the right hand corner. Please leave a comment with the numbers of your 3 favorite photos. We'll be tallying them up to find out who's the winner.

Voting is scheduled to end on October 7th, at 11:59 PST with winners being posted and notified sometime on October 8th.

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