Survey Review - Potential Squshie Ideas

In the survey, we mentioned a bunch of ideas we had for the future of Squshies. Some are things we've got in the works already and others were ideas we've been entertaining for the future. There were a few ideas we mentioned that people wren't familiar with.  I thought I'd talk more about each of the items

Web Comic - This is in the works!

We really feel the future of Squshies lies in story. When we asked how important different aspects of the Squshies were to you, the overwhelming responses was that the character stories were super important. We were really happy that you feel this way, because we do too! We want to do more with the characters and their story and world.

We don't have a set date for when this comic will start but we've been working on it a lot behind the scenes. 

Calendar -  This is in the works and happening soon!

Squshie Calendar Image Examples

We've shared a few pictures for this project already and it is definitely happening. We're still working out some details and the final design of the calendar but all the images are completed. Each month is going to feature Beauregard and Reginald in a classic novel. 

The calendar is one reason we asked about Redbubble and Kickstarter in the survey, both are potential way for us to make the calendar.

We'll have more about the calendar as soon as we work out the details.

Red Bubble -  This is a thing (but just barely) 

Redbubble is a website for print on demand products. Artists can upload their artwork to be used on a wide variety of products. They get to choose which products they'd like their work printed on. When someone orders an item, Redbubble prints and ships the items. There are a wide variety of services like Redbubble that offer a wide variety of print on demand products.

We do have an account on Red Bubble with a very small selection. This is something we've been thinking of using more because it does allow us to create a lot of Squshie items we just can't make on our own. It is also a great way for us to test potential product ideas without making a huge up front investment. 

One of the products Redbubble prints is calendars. This is a interesting option because not only do they print calendars, but they also let you choose which month you'd like your calendar to start on.

As much as we think there is a lot of great potential for working with Red Bubble we feel their calendar design while functional, is a bit dull. We'd like more control over the design of the calendar to make it more fun and playful. It's an option, but not necessarily the best for this project.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. You can read their about page but the short version is that artists create a project and try to get backers to pledge money to get it made. Backers will get rewards like the finished product and other bonuses offered by the artists. If enough money is pledged we use it to start making our project, if not then no one is charged and we try something else. 

We've been working with a local print company and graphic designer to create the calendar we truly want to make. Doing a project like a calendar is expensive and calendars are a very time sensitive product. Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to be sure there really is enough interest in the calendar to get in printed.

This is just one of the options we're considering, but it seems like a really promising one.

Squshies Collectible Cards (super rough idea)

Squshie Character Tags

All of our animal characters with a little tag with their name and story and we want to improve upon those tags. We've been thinking something along the line of collectible cards, kinda like baseball and Pokemon cards, but not quite.  This is a super rough idea, with a lot of crazy logistics to work out, but there seems enough interest to give it some serious thought.

A Squshies Game (this is a thing, but not)

We've actually developed a little Squshie game, but it got put on the back burner. It still needs a lot of work and it will be a long time before it will be ready. There seems enough interest to bring this project back to life.

We also thought if we could tie a game idea together with the idea of collectible cards that could be super fun. What do you think?

A Squshies Patreon

This was a thing that we mentioned that  people were overwhelmingly unfamiliar with.

Remember how way, way back in the day artists had patrons? Patreon is kind of like a modern day take on that idea. It is a way for artists to get financial support to create the things they create and a way for people who like an artist's work to help support those creations.

Creators can offer different levels of fun rewards to thank their subscribes for their support ranging from special exclusive content, live chats, digital freebies and even care packages. A whole lot of possibilities!

Knowing a bit more about Patreon is this something that sounds interesting to you? Ideas for rewards if we pursue this idea?

Subscription box/club

Subscription boxes have become super cool recently. Who doesn't like a fun little package of goodies in the mail once a month? They have subscription boxes for makeup, snacks, and even pets and we think a Squshie one might be fun!

We think a subscription box is something that could potentially work really well with a Patreon. 

Something like this would take a long time to work out all the details of but we'd love to hear what you think!

Loyalty/Reward Program

Probably the most rough idea of all. We've heard of few small business starting loyalty/reward programs for their supporters.  We're not really even sure where to start on this idea, but it sounds fun and almost everyone who took the survey thinks so too! Hopefully someday in the future we'll have more ideas for this. 

I hope that cleared up some of the mystery for some of the things we mentioned in the survey that people weren't familiar with yet. As always if you've got thoughts, ideas or questions for us please let us know =) 

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