Moving, Santa Ana Patchwork and Califur

Squshies Studio

May has been one crazy month! We finished our move and are just about set up in our new place. Here's a picture of the front area before we moved all our stuff in. This big area will be our new studio space.

We've got most everything set up, a few odds and ends need to find where they go. Decorative stuff is a pile on a table but everything we need is functional. Once everything is fully set up I'll share some more fun pictures than an empty room. 

Trying to pack, move and then unpack 2 weeks before a show was probably not the best idea ever but it has been worth it. We're loving it and are excited to get to work on new Squshies projects. Having so much space just for our work room is amazing!

Squshies Spring Santa Ana Patchwork

Sunday was the spring Santa Ana Patchwork show. The Patchwork shows are always fun to do and this was no exception. This was our layout for the show. It was a little stressful to pack up for the show since half our stuff was in the new place while the other half was at the old place. We forgot a few things, but all in all it was a successful day.

Panda PortraitCamel Portrait

We also managed to finish a couple new animal portraits just in time for the Patchwork Show. These got a lot of love at the show, especially the panda, but didn't find homes just yet. They are now available in the shop

Unfortunately we won't be able to make it to the spring Long Beach Patchwork show this year because the date conflicted with another event we're already committed to. We'll be in Irving for Califur! 

 Squshies at Califur

This will be our very first time attending Califur. We're excited to be going on a new adventure with the Squshies. We've been working on some new pieces for this show too and you can see a few sneak peeks above. These will be framed just like the animal portraits, but feature the Squshie characters. 

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