Spring Cleaning Sale

Squshies Spring Cleaning Sale
It's time for some spring cleaning! Technically spring isn't until March 20th, but here in California is has felt like spring for months. So starting March 1st we're going to be having a special sale!
We're coming up on our 3rd birthday here at Squshies and we always celebrate the start of Squshies with Beauregard's and Reginald's birthday. Beauregard's birthday is March 8th and Reginald's is March 11th. More on that coming soon!
With 3 years of making Squshies, it is time to make some changes. We've got critters from when we started that are in a different style from what we do now or just don't quite fit in with our current direction. Mostly we've got a lot of animals we want to update. Some need to be a bit bigger, some a bit smaller. Some need new ears or different feet. Some just need bigger eyes. There are a few animals we want to give a complete re-design. 
The best way to make room for new and improved Squshies is some spring cleaning. It gets super confusing to have an old and a new version of a critter  so we've got a whole bunch of Squshies that are going to be offered at special prices, some of our regular animals and some that haven't been available since we moved to this new website. You'll be able to find everyone in the sale collection starting on March 1st.
Every single Squshie is hand cut and hand stitched. No machines. No short cuts. No glue. They each take hours to make. For this reason we don't have sales often. It actually took a long time to come to the decision to have this sale.  Ultimately to make changes and improvements tough decisions are sometimes the answer. 
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