What Happened to the Squshies Monkey Pattern?

Felt Monkey Pattern
Update 6/6/2107
We have found a solution to our VAT dilemma! Digital products are now listed on our payhip page, which handles all aspects of the VAT. You can find all the products available for download on payhip here, including the Golden Tamarin Pattern!
Last year we released our very first pattern! We even did an in depth sew along here on the blog. It was very exciting and something we had wanted to do for a long time. We hoped to offer more patterns.
Starting on January 1st of this year, we made the pattern unavailable in our shop and put all our other pattern projects on hold because of changes to VAT (value added tax) laws in the European Union.
The new laws are complicated and confusing. From what we understand, sellers of digital products now must charge the VAT based on their customer's location, instead of their shop's location. Every country in the EU has a different VAT tax rate. It also appears to apply to all sales to the EU. There are no longer minimum thresholds for small businesses.  Reporting and filing those taxes is even more complex and confusing. 
Since we don't want to run afoul of any tax laws we've decided it is best to not offer digital products, like patterns, until we better understand what we need to do in regards to the new regulations.
There is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and debate over the new laws so it unfortunately might be a long while before we have the information we need to proceed with patterns. 
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