New Hoop Art - Alliteration Animals

During Daily Zoodle this year Jason did a whole series of alliteration animals doodles. The Dastardly Dugong was too fun of an idea not to make into a hoop. He was a hit and found a home immediately. Even more important, he was a ton of fun to make!
We've wanted to make more ever since and this month we finally made it happen with 4 new silly alliteration animals! 
Flamenco Flamingo Felt Wall ArtExercise Elephant Hoop Art
We've got the flamboyant flamenco flamingo  and the enthusiastic exercise elephant .
Cowgirl Cuttlefish - Hoop ArtPirate Python - Hoop Art
We've also go the courageous cowgirl cuttlefish and the proficient pirate python.
From picking the best critter and descriptive word combination, to finding the perfect voice balloon phrase, and writing a short story mostly with one letter these are a fun creative challenge. We've already got ideas for a few more.
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