Squshify My Pet - Final Ornament and Prints

Ready to see the final prizes from the Squshify My Pet Contest? We've shown you the sketches for the winners and the revisions. Now here are the finished prizes! 
squshify my pet 2nd prizesqushify my pet 2nd prize print
Each of our 3 winners got a special print of the sketch we made of their dog. Normally we leave the sketches nice and simple like they are shown in this post. We make the sketches to give a solid idea of how the final ornament will look. 
We don't normally print out the sketches, because our home printer just isn't up to the task of making a high quality print. We sent the sketches out to be professionally printed for our winners. 
squshify my pet 3rd place winnersqushify my pet 3rd print
First Place Winner
For our first prize winner we also made an ornament of their dog. The first prize winner was Joules. Here is Joules' winning photo and the sketch we did: 
squshify my pet winner squshify my pet winner print
And here is the finished ornament: 
 squshify my pet winner ornament
We hope everyone enjoyed this contest as much as we did! We also hope it helped give you a better idea of what to expect from our custom order process.
butterball and her print
We also wanted to share this super cute photo we got from our 2nd place winner! Butterball approved of her Squshifying! 
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