Meety Monday - Felt Animal Interview - Penelope the Manatee

manatee felt ornament
This month's Squshie interview is with Penelope the Manatee!  She's answering all your questions from FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Ready to read Penelope's answers to your questions? 
Where do you like to go to for vacation?  
I like to stay close to home. Never know what germs you might pick up out in the world. If I had to go on vacation, I would go somewhere warm. Don't want to catch hypothermia. Or pneumonia. Or frost bite.
Do you enjoy tea parties? 
I heard Priscilla the Tapir throws wonderful tea parties!  I've never taken her up on the invitation though. The possibly of lycanthropy still really worries me. How awful it would be to turn into a werewolf in the middle of a tea party!
felt manatee
What's your favorite snack?
Some nice grass or algae crackers. They really help settle the stomach. My stomach often needs settling.
Do you have any fancy dance moves?  
I'm pretty good at underwater ballet. I especially love moves that involve twirling. 
Have you ever entered a spelling bee, since you know so many long named illnesses?
What a fun idea! Although I would have to travel. I'd be so worried about catching the flu or some terrible virus the whole time. I wouldn't be able to concentrate one bit. 
handmade manatee ornament
Have you ever dreamed of being turned into a mermaid? 
Being a mermaid could be fun. Having a pretty colored tail sounds wonderful. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so grey.  I wonder can mermaids get sick?
What are your favorite hobbies?
I enjoy puzzles. They're nice and relaxing and you can do them right at home. I tried reading as a hobby, but it was too stressful. You'd be surprised all the horrible contagious things you can find out about when you pick up a random book.  Now I only read things my friends recommend to me.
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