Meety Monday - Felt Animal Interview - Corbin the Badger

felt badger
This month's felt animal interview is with Corbin the Badger! He's answering all your questions from  FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Ready to get to know Corbin a bit better?
Which Hogwarts house would you be in?

Why Hufflepuff of course! They have the best dormitories after all. And making soup takes patience, a wonderful Hufflepuff trait. I've also been told I look quite handsome in a yellow scarf.

Do you get mistaken for Bucky Badger the Wisconsin Mascot?
Alas no. Bucky is way too athletic for anyone to confuse us.

Why soup?
It's delicious. You can eat it hot or have a nice cold gazpacho. It doesn't get stuck in your teeth. You can combine so many things! Soup is just the best!

Why not a chili or chowder?
I'm okay with a chilli or chowder. They kind of like a really thick soup. Although I do prefer things that are more broth than thick.

What is your opinion on ascots?
They're very dapper! I bet Reginald the Rhino has one...I wonder if I could borrow it.

Have you ever tried pizza soup?
Nope, but it sounds like an excellent soup experiment!

badger ornament

Do you like any soups with meat in them or are you a vegetarian?
Either! Variety in soup is the best.

Do you do your own cooking?
Of course! It is the best way to discover new flavor combinations.

Have you seen the movie Ratatouille ?
Yup! It is a wonderful movie. I do so enjoy films about cooking.

Have you ever eaten the soup that the critters make in the movie?
Maybe not the exact recipe, but I have enjoyed my fair share of bowls of Potato Leek Soup.

What's your favorite food to turn into soup?
Breakfast soup and dessert soup are the easiest! I don't think I have a favorite food to turn into soup. My favorite thing is new soup ideas. I'm excited about this pizza soup idea.
felt animal ornament
What's your favorite movie?
Disney's Robin Hood! It is wonderful to see a badger have such a great role in a movie. And the scene where he eats the soup! That's my favorite part.

What kinds of games do you like to play?
I like noncompetitive games.  Otherwise they're too stressful.

Besides making and eating soup, what do you love doing?
Tunnels! Making, researching and exploring them.

What is your least favorite thing to be badgered about?
That I try foods other than soup!

Would you ever eat a scorpion?
Maybe if it was in soup. Maybe.

Have you ever seen The Fifth Element?
I never got around to it. No tunnels. No soup. No badgers.

How do you feel about mushrooms?
Delicious in soup!

Are you jealous of the honey badger's popularity?
Nope! Although I am friends with a very nice honey badger.

badger felt animal ornament
Who is your best friend?
I wouldn't want single anyone out. I have lots of good friends!

Do you ever go out to eat with anyone who is not into soup?
Sure! Just because they won't be ordering soup doesn't mean I can't.

What kind of restaurant do you like to eat at?
I'm partial to Pho restaurants, since they specialize in soup.

Are you a lefty or righty?
Both! You can eat soup faster if you just pick up the bowl.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Corbin the Badger better! This interview was first available in the August issue of the Squshies Newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter at
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