New Felt Cat Breed Ornaments and Sneak Peeks

We've had dog ornaments in our shop for a while now, but we've sadly been lacking in cats. That's finally changing! We've been slowly but surely rolling out brand new cat breed ornaments. 
felt cat ornament
Last week we debuted our first felt cat, Ferdinand the Sphynx. I think Sphynx cats are super adorable so I had to start with this fun breed first. I would really love to adopt a rescue one someday. 
cat Christmas ornament
Today we're introducing our 2nd cat ornament, Emerson the Himalayan.
Siamese cat ornament
Cats ornaments have been a bit trickier to design than dogs ornaments. Dogs come in so many widely different variations it was easy to pick distinct breeds and make cartoon felt versions.  Cats have a lot more similarities in appearance so it was a challenge. We finally settled on a  few distinct breeds to start with.
work in progress felt catScottish fold ornament
The cute felt cat fun doesn't end with Emerson and Ferdinand! We've got 3 more cats lined up for release in the upcoming weeks.  If none of these released or soon to be released cats quite look like your cat we also love orders for custom pet ornaments
You can find Emmerson and Ferdinand in our new cat breed collection 
Do you have a favorite cat breed?
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