Daily Zoodle- August Prompts

Dailyzoodle august
The Daily Zoodle is back! We took a little break for the month of July but now it is August and it is time to get back to doodling! What is Daily Zoodle? It is a month long prompt list of animals and creatures to draw for fun and practice. 
I'm always telling myself I should draw more. When I sit down to doodle,  I can never decide what to draw and then the drawing never happens. Having a set prompt helps and it is fun and inspiring to see how other people interpret the prompts too!
If you have questions about Daily Zoodle, Jason wrote up a handy post answering some of the most common questions to help you get started.
watercolor sketchbook

For this new month I'm going to challenge myself to paint more of my doodles.  I've been saying it for months, but it still hasn't happened. To help encourage myself  I got a few new supplies. A couple better watercolor pencils to play with, a watercolor sketch book and new brushes to replace my old manky ones. 
Will you be doodling with us this month? Do you have any goals or ways you'd like to challenge yourself with the prompt list this month?

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