Meety Monday - Felt Animal Interview - Ulysses the Black Bear

felt bear ornament

A while back we did a Meety Monday Interview with Beauregard the Hippo and then one with Otis the Cake Troll. The next requested Squshie for an interview was Ulysses the Black Bear. We've gathered your questions from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and asked him his thoughts. Ready to get to know Ulysses?

Which one of the three bears do you most identify with Papa Bear, Mama Bear or Baby Bear?

Papa bear. I'm a big bear and I like my porridge well heated.

Are Teddy Bear picnics only for Teddy Bears? 

I never been to a Teddy Bear Picnic so I'm not sure, but it does sound fun!
Follow up- if not can I be your plus 1?

If I was invited to a Teddy Bear picnic, and the other bears didn't mind, then of course! Always best to check with your hosts before bringing a guest. Wouldn't want to be impolite!

Didn't you think that a dinosaur that hunts in packs would scare children in the book that you wrote?

The circle of life is important as is every creature's role in it! Predators and prey. I tried to make it not too scary. Focusing on teamwork, rather than the goriness of a Velociraptor hunt.
felt black bear ornament
What's your favorite dinosaur?
This is a tough one. There are so many wonderful dinosaurs but I'm going to go with Archaeopteryx. Being a bear, I can't fly, so that has always been appealing to me. Also since their fossils are transitional, showing traits common both to dinosaurs and today's birds, I find that incredibly fascinating.
Where's your favorite place to search for dinosaurs?
Anywhere dinosaurs can be found! You never know where the next exciting discovery might be, so you don't want to be picky about location and miss out on an amazing find. Although I must admit I do enjoy searching for dinos in a cooler environment, having thick black fur and all.
Have you ever put together the bones of a T-Rex for a display at your museum?
Unfortunately I have not, but I would love the opportunity.
Black bears are starting to return to Texas after having been hunted out decades ago. Does Ulysses have any family down this way, and would he come for a visit?
I don't believe I have any family down that way, but I'm always up for traveling. Quite a few dinosaurs have been found in Texas. Maybe I can find my Ulyssesaurus if I visit.
felt bear
If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Can I say everywhere? I would love to take a world tour of all the top dinosaur spots. If I only had to choose one though probably Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. They have the most complete Archaeopteryx fossil which I would love to see up close.
Who would you bring along?
I'm not sure. Maybe one of my bear friends like Jasper the Grizzly? Whoever it was would have to be interested in dinosaurs or they would find it a very boring vacation.
What would you take on your vacation?
All of my paleontology tools, a camera, a good hat, snacks and something good to read in case I'm waiting anywhere during my travels.  
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