Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 24 and Flash Sale Announcement!

Weekly doodle time! Before we get to doodles though we've got an exciting news! 
indie a list flash sale
Tomorrow, June 21st, we will be participating in the Indie A -List Summer Flash Sale! A whole bunch of Indie A- List shops are participating and all are offering at least 25% off with the coupon code -FLASHINDIE
We'll be offering 25% off in our Storenvy shop and our Etsy shop
We'll also just want to give a head's up that we will be out of town for the next few days celebrating our anniversary. All orders placed through now and June 24th will be shipping on the 25th or 26th. We apologize in advance for the delay.
Now on to the doodles!
praying mantis doodle

11. Praying Mantis - These guys are so neat! We had a really small one hanging out on the outside table a while back. I spent a lot of time watching it.
 caracal doodle
12. Caracal - These cats have the coolest ears! So long and tufted!
mandarinfish doodle
13. Mandarinfish  - These are one of my favorite types of  fish. So colorful!

snapping turtle doodle
14. Snapping Turtle - Snapping turtle! I helped move one of these out of a busy parking lot entrance one.

raven doodle
15. Raven - A Squshies style attempt at a raven. I think these are one of the birds that might just work as a cartoony animal.

kirin doodle
16. Kirin - This was a tricky one to decide how to doodle. Seems to be a lot of variations on how they can look.

sun bear doodle
17. Sun Bear - Sun bear doodle! They're pretty cute bears.

squshies flash sale
Don't forget to check out the flash sale tomorrow, June 21st! Use coupon code-FLASHINDIE to save 25% in our shop!
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