Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 23

It is Friday! Time for another look back at a week of Daily Zoodles! I really  need to work out a good system for getting some of these critters made. I've got so many doodles I want to turn into felt. My list of 'to make' critters is growing way faster than I sew them.
lion fish doodle

4. Lion Fish - Lion fish! Wanted to keep working on this guy but I had to run errands and of course I totally forget to get back to it. Had to crank up the contrast in Photoshop so you can see the sketch. For once I doodled lightly!

kinkajou doodle

5. Kinkajou - A quick Squshies style kinkajou. Think this guy needs a few more tries before he is felt ready.

Baltimore oriole doodle

6. Baltimore Oriole - Bird doodles are always tricky. Didn't have much luck doodling this guy as a Squshies, so I went a bit more serious with him.

papillon doodle

7. Papillon- Papillon doodle. This reminds me I need to get to work on some new dogs for the holidays. Cats too!

lobster doodle

8. Lobster - Lobsters have weird faces and so many legs! A tricky one to doodle.

jackalope doodle

9. Jackalope-  I've had a Squshies design for a Jackalope for a long time! I really need to make this guy.

markhor doodle

10. Markhor - These guys have the coolest horns. My Squshies style cartoon doodle does not do their awesome horns justice.

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