Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 22

Daily Zoodle Time! A look back at the end of May's doodles and the start of June's.
zebra doodle

28. Zebra - Zebra doodle! We've only made this guy once before, for a custom order.

piglet doodle

29. Piglet - Quick doodle of a piglet. A baby version of Sir Francis!

sand cat doodle
30. Sand Cat - Sand Cats are really cute! I didn't do them justice. He needs some more work before he's ready to be a Squshie.

harpy eagle doodle
31. Harpy Eagle - Harpy Eagle. I love these birds! I tried to draw him in the Squshies style. He turned out grumpy looking.

drawing prompts
That ends the doodle list from May! Now to June's Daily Zoodle prompts!

quokka doodle
1.  Quokka - Have you ever googled Quokkas? They are such happy looking animals! Mine looks more concerned than happy though.

phoenix doodle
2. Phoenix - My doodle got a bit large and out of control on this one and then I colored all over it.

chipmunk doodle

3. Chipmunk  - Ignacio the chipmunk is a Squshie I consistently draw poorly! I drew him cute once! The left sketch is my quick dailzy zoodle doodle. The right sketch is my original quick sketch for Ignacio, the one time I drew him how he is supposed to look!
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