Personal Projects - Seahorse Blanket Halfway

seahorse blanket

I didn't get a Meety Monday set up for this week, so something different for today! A post I wrote in April and never posted.

Back in January I wrote about a blanket I started knitting years ago and how I'm trying to make a dedicated effort to finish it, by knitting a row a day. I don't ever actually knit a row a day. When I do sit down to knit, I usually do quite a few rows. I started my knit a day plan when I reached the 1/4 finished point of the blanket and set days for when I wanted to get to halfway, three quarters, and finished.

seahorse blanket
Well on the 6th of this month (actually in April), I finally reached the halfway point of knitting the blanket! My plan was to get to  the halfway point of the blanket on the 15th of the month so I'm even a little ahead of schedule. I have a ton of ends to weave in still, but the knitting is done. It is amazing how much having a simple plan for working on this project and storing it where I  always can see it has helped.
The Escher Seahorse Afghan is a free Raverly pattern.
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