Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 21

Time for another week of animal and creature doodles, but before we get to the doodles here is the new prompt list for the month of June.
june daily zoodle
We hope you'll join us next month in our doodle challenge. If you have any questions about the Daily Zoodle, feel free to ask or check out the Daily Zoodle F.A.Q. If you have suggestions on how to make the Daily Zoodle more fun I'd love to hear your ideas. 
Now on to last week's doodles!

bat sketch
21. Spectral Bat - Spectral bat doodle and some quick colored pencils

cheetah doodle

22.Cheetah - I tried to draw a Squshies style cheetah. He seems a bit worried.

 plumed basilisk

23. Plumed Basilisk - These lizards are so cool looking! I was going to color him all fancy but that didn't really work out. Note to self, think before you color.

duckling doodle

24 Duckling - Quick doodle of a mallard duckling.

aye-aye doodle

25. Aye-Aye - I love aye-ayes. Really want to make a felt version one of these days. I feel like I have a better aye-aye doodle from earlier in the year.

26. Cthulhu- A Squshies style Cthulhu. He might be fun to make, but I think he needs to be simplified a bit first.


27. Baby Unicorn - Baby unicorn. Unicorn is always one of the most popular prompt suggestions for daily zoodle.

Will you be participating in next month's doodle challenge? Ideas for how to improve Daily Zoodle?

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