Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 20

Ready for another week of doodles? Can't believe this is the 20th week of drawing an animal or mythical creature a day! Also hard to believe May is almost over. Where is this year going? Anyways on to the doodles!

vampire squid doodle

14. Vampire Squid -  Vampire squid I drew at the library. Yay for places with air conditioning. It was crazy hot here last week. I'm also now realizing I got a terrible photo of this doodle

African Gray Parrot  doodle

15. African Gray Parrot - Quick attempt at a Squshies style African Gray Parrot

peacock doodle

16. Peacock - Peacock doodle and fun playing with color pencils.

barirusa doodle

17. Babirusa - Doodle of a babirusa. I need to write a Wildlife Wednesday post about these guys.

striped  hyena doodle

18. Striped Hyena - Quick striped hyena. I think hyenas are so cute.

horus doodle

19. Horus  A weird colored pencil attempt at Horus

baby ogre doodle

20. Baby Ogre - Quick doodle of a baby ogre. Should have picked baby troll for this prompt so I could have drawn baby Otis!

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