New Hoop Art and Felt Animals

I've got a some new hoop art piece to share today and a new felt animal! Actually 2,  if you missed the tiny preview of Vinnie the narwhal I posted before Designer Con.
narwhal high five hoop art
In week 3 of the animal doodle a day challenge, I drew a silly little pictures of Vinnie the Narwhal high fiving a beluga whale.  It was so ridiculous I thought this should be a hoop someday. Well someday has finally arrived and this silly wall art is now available in the shop.
For some reason, Vinnie was designed way back in the fall of last year, but I never seem to get around to turning him into an ornament. This is his 2nd appearance on a hoop though and once again right before we do a show. Vinnie just likes to get out and meet people I guess. This is the first appearance of the Beluga and he's still looking for a name and a story.
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