Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 19

Weekly Daily zoodle round up time! There were some really fun creatures during the last week of prompts!
maned wolf

7. Maned Wolf - Maned wolf doodle. These guys are awesome. Love their crazy long legs.

Tarsier doodle

8. Tarsier - My tarsier doodle looks like some kind of goblin/gremlin thing. I think he turned out cute, but not very tarsier like.

wildebeest doodle

9. Wildebeest - Wildbeest doodle and more experimenting with watercolor pencils in my attempt to paint more.

fossa doodle

10. Fossa- Fossa and watercolor pencil practice.

elephant seal

11. Elephant Seal - Super quick doodle of Titus the elephant seal.

Bast doodle

12. Bast - Quick Bast doodle. Might do this one again. Wanted to spend some more time on it, but the day got away from me.

13. Baby Gryphon  - Baby gryphon! Gryphons are one of my most favorite mythical creatures.

What's you favorite doodle from this week?
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