New Felt Animal! - Introducing Liam the Beaver

Ready to meet the newest critter in the Squshies animal line up?
It is Liam the Beaver! This guy has been in the works for a while. That can be said about most of the upcoming animals. We've got designs and ideas for animals that have been waiting to be finished for months. This guy has been cut and waiting to be sewn since early this year.
We just recently changed the giant white board in the work space from a list of stages that each critter is in, to a giant calendar. We've got so many different ideas it has become difficult to figure out where to focus our attention. With upcoming shows, regularly updating the blog and getting the newsletter started, scheduled deadlines and goals seems more useful than a list of what critter is in what phase. Especially since we've got so many ideas in the works that aren't just new animals!
You can find Liam in our shop here
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