Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 18

It is Friday! Time to see the last week's worth of animal and creature doodles! We've got the last doodle from April and a bunch from the new prompt list for May!

sea otter doodle

30. Sea Otter  - I had grand plans for drawing and painting a cute sea otter, but I kept drawing things that looked like monkeys. I finally drew one that is ottery, but it took me so long that he got color pencils instead of paint.

may dailyzoodle prompts

And now to start on May's prompt list!

bearded dragon doodle

1.Bearded Dragon - Bearded dragon for today's doodle. Starting off May with a tough one! Lizards are so tricky to turn into Squshies.

Okapi doodle

2. Okapi  - Playing with watercolor pencils again on the okapi doodle

serval doodle

3. Serval - Quick serval doodle. Found my old purple pencil that I used to doodle with all the time so I had to use it on this guy.

bilby doodle

4. Bilby - Quick doodle of a bilby

harpy doodle

5. Harpy - Harpy doodle. At least that is what it is supposed to be. It makes me think of chickens. A charpy maybe?

baby dragon doodle

6. Baby Dragon - I'm gonna call him jelly bean. A name that will be probably be quite regrettable when he's a full grown dragon. Baby dragon doodle.

What is your favorite doodle from this week? How are you enjoying this month's prompt list?
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