Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 17

Another week, another roundup of #dailyzoodle doodles! I've got ideas and sketches for more animals than I'm ever going to be able to make!

Before we get to last week's doodles, here is the new prompt list for May! Will you be joining us this month?

dailyzoodle may prompts
Now on to the doodles!
angora rabbit doodle

23. Angora Rabbit -These rabbits are so cute and fluffy!

ant doodle

24. Ant - Least impressive doodle yet! Totally wasn't into the ant prompt on ant doodle day. This was actually the best doodle out of 3 =/

husky doodle
25. Husky - Husky doodle. I used to want a Husky so bad when I was a kid. They are such pretty dogs.

26. Squirrel - Really quick doodle of Greta the Squirrel

arctic fox doodle
27. Arctic Fox - Quick arctic fox doodle. I feel like the proportins could be pushed a bit more on this guy.

pegasus doodle
28. Pegasus - For some reason I wanted to make my Pegasus lots of pretty blues.

hedgehog doodle
29. Hedgehog - I keep wanting to practice with paint more so I played with watercolor pencils on the hedgehog doodle. I rally want to push my self to try and do more little quick paint experiments with next month's prompts. This cutie is now an official Squshie. Meet Mortimer the Hedgehog

What is your favorite doodle from this week? Will you be doodling with us in May? What's your favorite prompt for May?
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