Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 15

Weekly animal doodle round up! Got a bit of a mix this week of Squshie style animals and some more serious doodles.
Also this will probably be the last blog post until next Friday's Daily Zoodle Round up. We're going on a surprise mini break after Wondercon. Instead of scrambling to get all of next week's blog post ready before Wondercon and our mini break, I'm just going to enjoy a mini blogging break too!
Now on to the doodles! 
pony doodle

9. Pony - Pudgy little pony. I think he might be headed to felt in the future.

mandrill doolde
10. Mandrill - Since I recently drew a mandrill to make Dumaka for Monkey Madness, I thought I'd try a more realistic one. His proportions got a little wonky.

coqui doodle
11. Coqui - Colored this guy a lot greener than I had planned. Sometimes I make bad color pencil choices.

python doodle
12. Python - I had a lot of fun with this one although I simultaneously got way involved in working on the scales and being way lazy with the scales.

dugong doodle
13. Dugong - I'd always wondered the difference between manatees and dugongs so looking this guy up was fun. They have somewhat different shaped faces, dugongs have smoother skin than manatees, and dugongs don't have rounded tails like manatees do.

tanuki doodle
14. Tanuki - Tanuki or Japanese Raccoon Dog doodle.

galah doodle
15. Galah- Galah doodle. Every time I think of a bird now I want to make a hoop out of it! Can't wait to start on some more bird hoops.

Have a great week everyone! We'll see you here again next Friday!
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