Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 14

Another week, another recap of weekly animal doodles!  
ladybug doodle

2. Ladybug - Instead of drawing a ladybug for today's doodle, I used water color pencils to try painting Jason's doodle.

Pygmy Jerboa doodle

3. Pygmy Jerboa - Jerboa! Supposed to be a pygmy jerboa, but I really wanted to doodle a long eared jerboa because they're adorable with their giant ears.

cassowary doodle

4. Cassowary -Cassowaries! One of my most favorite birds.

owl monkey doodle

5. Owl Monkey - Owl monkey doodle

Irish Wolfhound doodle

6. Irish Wolf-hound - Irish Wolfhound doodle

chimera doodle

7. Chimera - I had fun with this one. Figured I better take a picture before I got more carried away and messed it up.

yeti crab doodle

8. Yeti Crab - This one was hard! Hard to see a good view of a yeti crab face.
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