Meety Monday- Felt Animal Interview - Beauregard the Hippo

Time for another week of Meety Monday! For a bit of variety, instead of doing an artist interview, we are going to meet one of our felt animal characters today.  Last week we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans what they would like to ask Beauregard the Hippo. 
felt animal hippo

Ready to see what Beauregard had to say?

Which do you like better, being under water or being on land?
Everything in moderation.  My underwater ballet skills are quite impressive I must say and I do enjoy a good swim. Some of my dearest friends  though aren't skilled at swimming and spend all of their time on land and I do so enjoy their company. 

How long can you hold your breath underwater? 
Approximately 5 minutes. 

Have you rescued a damsel in distress yet?

Alas no, but I am actively seeking damsel rescuing opportunities.

Have you ever been in love?

Alas! No again!  Undoubtedly,  rescuing a damsel will correct this unfortunate situation.

When eating Chinese food, what do you order?
Extra fortune cookies. What better way to find fame and fortune than a fortune cookie?

Nuts or no nuts on your sundae?

Coke or Pepsi? 
I decline to answer. It would be most unfortunate if  in the future one of these beverage companies would ask me to be a spokesperson and read this interview and find I had declared their competitor my soft drink of choice. Most unfortunate indeed.

How much wood does the woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck could chuck wood? 
I suspect it would depend on the woodchuck, would it not ?

Boxers or briefs?
As a gentleman, I feel it would not be proper for me to answer this question. 

felt hippo ornament

Who is your favorite comedian?
Mervyn the sea lion is a never ending source of delightful knock knock jokes.

Have you read Journey to the Center of the Earth?
Yes I have.

Did you like it?
It was a delightful read

Does it make you think of Brendan Fraser? 
Now it does. I would have been a better choice.

Are you ok with that, or did I just make you remember Dudley Do Right? And The Mummy? And George of the Jungle? 
I'm rather not ok with all of these! I would have been a much better choice for all of those parts.

Are you mad at me?
I won't hold against you. How were you to know such questions would bring up memories of disappointment.

Can I give you a squeeze?
Of course. I think a good hug is in order after the reminder of the movie roles I have not been offered.
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