Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 13

Daily Zoodle round up! We've got the last doodles from March here this week, as well as the prompt list and first doodle for April!
mantis shrimp doodle
26. Mantis Shrimp - Mantis shrimp are so interesting and colorful! I had too much fun with all the color pencil colors when I doodled this guy.binturong doodle
27. Binturong  - Binturong doodle! This critter is going to be our Wildlife Wednesday animal next week.
pygmy marmoset doodle
28. Pygmy Marmoset - Recycled doodle! This is my original sketch of Estefan the Squshies pygmy marmoset. I drew a new sketch of him for #dailyzoodle, but it was not pretty. Just experiencing my first earthquake while fully awake did nothing for my doodling abilities. 
llama doodle
 29. Llama - Llama doodle. This doodle is now a Squshie! Meet Giuseppe the Llama 
giraffe doodle
30. Giraffe - Quick doodle of Hannah the Giraffe. I was hoping to draw a more realistic giraffe for this prompt but I wasn't having much luck. 
Pink Fairy Armadillo doodle
31. Pink Fairy Armadillo - Pink fairy armadillo doodle
And that finishes off the doodles from the March prompt list! Now on to April!
april daily zoodle prompts
narwhal doodle
1. Narwhal - Narwhal disaster! Found my old brush markers and water pen and thought it be fun to play with them again. It did not go well =(
Are you participating in #dailyzoodle this month? Which prompt are you most looking forward to?
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