Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 12

Animal doodle round up time! But before we get do doodles from last week it is time to release the prompt list for April! Hard to believe another month of Daily Zoodles has already gone by! Here's the list for April:

daily zoodle april prompt list
Also if you have any questions about Daily Zoodles, we've got a handy dandy Daily Zoodle FAQ post that hopefully will help answer most questions.

Now on to last week's doodles!
octopus doodle
19. Octopus - I meant do do a Squshies version, but ended up doing a more realistic one. And then I tried a quick Squshies doodle but I wasn't feeling it. Funny I spent so much time on an octopus doodle. They're one of the animals that totally fascinate me, but also totally weird me out.
komodo dragon doodle
20. Komodo Dragon - Komodo dragon
black bear doodle
21. Black Bear -The doodle was black bear today so I drew Ulysses the Squshies black bear. Ulysses is also a paleontologist so I drew him meeting a dinosaur.
kookaburra doodle
22. Kookaburra - Kookaburra
great dane doodle
23. Great Dane -  A Great Dane
centaur doodle
24. Centaur - Centaur day! So here's Engelbert the Zombie as a zebra centaur ... and manly man Squshies centaur? I don't know.
25. Parrot - Almost forgot to draw my parrot! Was thinking maybe a flying bird might work better as an ornament? Must do something with felt and parrots one of these days.
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