Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 11

Weekly #dailyzoodle round up! I've been having so much fun doing daily animal doodles.
Cotton Top Tamarin doodle
12. Cotton Top Tamarin - Today's doodle was cotton top tamarin so I drew Sergio. He's one of my favorites of March Monkey Madness. But then I can say that about almost all the monkeys!
beefly doodle
13. Beefly - Beefly doodle! I'd never heard of these before, flies that look like bees!
red river hog doodle
14. Red River Hog Red river hog day! A super quick doodle of Boris, because I totally forgot to doodle this day.

starfish doodle
15. Starfish - A quick little starfish doodle
mink doodle
16. Mink - A quick mink doodle.
mermaid doodle
17. Mermaid - Today's doodle was mermaid. So I doodled a person/mandarin fish mermaid and then Engelbert the Zombie as an eel mermaid. Engelbert as a mythical creature amuses me.
hamster doodle
18. Hamster - Last minute hamster doodle. I almost forgot to do my doodle this day!
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