Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 10

Weekly #dailyzoodle round up! I can't believe I've been doing an animal doodle a day for 10 weeks! I'm having so much fun doodling and seeing everyone's doodles. It has really been helping me be less up tight about drawing and just having fun again. Something I've really needed.
Having fun doodling and being more relaxed about drawing, helped me relax enough to finally try playing with my acrylic paint for the first time in forever. Also first time playing with canvas. I need more paint practice but it was fun to do something new!
hippo canvas
Now on to this week's animal doodles!
rhino doodle
5. Rhino - Quick doodle of Reginald the rhino reading a book and a horrible chair. And a quick attempt at a real rhino before I realized how lazy I feel about doodling that day.
angler fish doodle
6. Angler Fish -They're so creepy looking, but also fascinating! Was fun looking up these guys for reference but also unsettling. 

chinchilla doodle
7..Chinchilla - Chinchilla doodle. Messed up his tail a bit. He seems a bit annoyed by that.

pangolin doodle
8. Pangolin - Squshies style pangolin doodle quickly became way complicated for a felt ornament. I also think he could be way cuter. Not living up to his full pangolin cuteness potential!

seahorse doodle
9. Seahorse - Archibald the seahorse, a Squshie that never seems to make it past work in progress stage. His tail is a bit tricky.

sphinx doodles
10. Sphinx -  I wanted to try a people face as a Squshie, but I also thought Engelbert the Zombie as a sphinx would be funny so I doodled both.

capybara doodle
11. Capybara - Capybara doodle! I love capybaras. So cute.

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