Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 9

Weekly #dailyzoodle round up! Here are all my doodles from the last week!
snail doodle

26. SnailHotario the Snail knew it was only a matter of time before the aliens came for him. Possible hoop idea? feels like Horatio should have his own hoop.
puffin doodle

27. Puffin - Doodle of a puffin. Had an oops when I went over his feet with a pen.

dinosaur doodles
28. Dinosaur- Some quick dinosaur doodles. Would be fun to add some 2 legged dinosaurs to the Squshies line up.

Now on to the doodles from the March #dailyzoodle prompt list!

lemur doodles
1. Lemur - So many cute lemurs to try to make into Squshies. I couldn't just choose one to doodle. I'd love to turn some of these into felt.

wombat doodle
2. Wombat - Quick doodle of Harold the Wombat. Looks like he is extra grumpy.

dragon doodles
3. Dragon- Doodles of dragons. I kind of like the purple one. Jason pointed out the blue one is kind slug like in body shape. The rare and elusive slugon maybe?
tawny frogmouth doodle
4. Tawny Frogmouth - Wanted to do a Squshie version, but not much luck. Plus those feathers in felt? Not seeing that happen. So then I tried for a more real one.
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