Daily Zoodle- Round up 8 and March Doodle Prompts

Time for another round up of #dailyzoodle sketches! My list of critters to make is getting so long! Before we get to last week's doodles, here is the prompt list for March.
march dailyzoodle
Now to the doodles from last week!
opossum doodle
 19. Opossum - This is Quigley. He's been waiting to get turned into felt for months!  ***Update - Quigley is now an ornament***

yak doodle
20. Yak - Here's a yak doodle! I kind of like this guy. I think he might be headed for felt. I also t think his name might be Ramone.

owl doodle
21. Owl - Quick doodle of Oliver the Owl

beaver doodle
22. Beaver - This is another coming soon Squshie! He's been waiting to be sewn for a while now! His name is Liam and he's a blacksmith.  ***Update Liam is now an ornament! ***

23. Salamander- Doodled some Axolotl for salamander day. The Axolotl is such a cute and happy looking animal!

goat doodle
24. Goat - Quick doodle of Winston the Goat

shark doodles
25. Shark - I thought Derek the Shark should have some shark buddies so I tried to doodle a hammerhead. That proved tricky and then I got distracted by thresher sharks, which have really cool tails! ***Update - The hammerhead and thresher shark are now ornaments! ***

Who is planning in joining in on #dailyzoodle in March? What day are you most excited for?
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