Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 8

Time to look back at the week through #creativedaily photos! Not a lot of  pictures of what I've been working on this week because there has been so much computer work! I've got some fun pictures though, like my giant shelf of plushies!
wall of plush
19. Obsession - I may have a bit of a plushie obsession. Lots of Disney and animals from zoos I've been to.
disney afternoon tshirts
20. Childhood - The Disney afternoon was a big part of my childhood. Watched these cartoons everyday after school. Still need to hunt down a Rescue Rangers shirt.
dragon light
21. Light - My favorite light in the workroom. It used to have a globe around the bulb but it broke on the way to California.

sleepy cat
22. Team Work - Giving Hazel a bath takes a lot of teamwork. She's been aggressively chewing the fur off her back end again =/ Trying to see if her fancy anti skin irritant shampoo helps any with her chewing.

hoop fabric choices
23. Artisan Problems - One of the biggest artisan problems I think can be making choices. I forgot to post my picture because on this day I got distracted trying to find the perfect background fabric for a hoop art experiment. Now I'm trying to decide which fabric is most perfect.

24. Button - I spent a lot of this day pushing buttons on this camera. Taking photos of the last few monkeys and trying to get nearly impossible group shots.
freezer paper
25.  Measure Twice, Cut Once - Not a whole lot of measuring when it comes to Squshies. Lots of freezer paper though! Working on cutting out some schnauzers so they can get back in the shops.
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