DailyZoodle F.A.Q.

Have you been seeing the #dailyzoodle tag and wondering what it's about? Maybe you're already doodling but you're not sure why?

Well here's the answers to all the important questions (some questions may not be important, importance is a subjective quality, please consume answers responsibly).

Q. What's a zoodle?

A. Zoodle is a portmanteau of Zoo and Doodle. Which makes it a doodle of a zoo animal (also animals not found in zoos) for which we provide a daily prompt for the purpose of having fun and challenging ourselves to be creative. 

Q. How do I get in on this mess?

A. Just look up #dailyzoodle on twitter, instagram, or facebook, find the prompt of the day and draw the animal or creature. The take a picture of your picture (so meta) and post it to your twitstafacergrambook with the #dailyzoodle tag =) and enjoy the creativity of your fellow participants.

Q. Do I have to do them all?

A. There's nothing you have to do but keep breathing (probably you should eat and sleep too just in case). If you miss a day, or don't like an animal, 'aint nobody here gonna judge you. Any day you wanna send out a doodle we'll all appreciate it. No pressure.

Q. What if I'm not good at drawing?

A. Who said it had to be good? Besides, practice make proficient, so a daily challenge can help you get better. Don't wanna get better? well it'll be difficult but if you put serious effort into making each drawing worse that the last one... no you'll probably still get better sorry.

Q. Can I make something other than a doodle?

A. Heck yes you can! Don't like drawing? Want to practice other skills? Carving, painting, toothpick sculpture, origami, haiku, documentary film-making? Whatever art form you like is cool. Try new things, share the joy of creation and have fun!

We hope to see your doodles (and other artwork) soon. Have fun!
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