Wildlife Wednesday - Red River Hogs

Boris the felt red river hog
Boris would like for us to talk about Red River Hogs today. He gets a little upset that so many wild pigs are referred to as warthogs, just because they are more well known. He wants everyone to know that Red River Hogs are not the same as warthogs and that Red River hogs are one of the most beautiful pigs in the world.
On to the Red River Hogs facts!
Red River Hog
Red River Hogs have rust colored fur, long tufted ears, white eye markings, white whiskers and white hair that runs along their back. 
Male and female red River Hogs have tusks. Males have much larger tusks. Male have warts on their faces near their eyes.
sleeping hogs
Red River Hogs are social and live in family groups. Groups usually avoid each other.
A group of Red River Hogs is called a sounder.
baby Red River Hog
Baby red river hogs are born with stripes.
Red river hogs are found in Central and West Africa. 
They are excellent swimmers. 
Red River Hog searching for food
Red River hogs are also referred to as Tufted Pigs.

The Red River Hog is the smallest of the African Pigs.
Red River Hog
Red River Hog are omnivores. They eat lots of roots and fruits. They've also been known to eat small animals, insects and eggs. They also will eat carrion if available

Red River hogs have a very sensitive disc like snout which helps them find food through smell and touch. They also use their snout to help dig up their food.
Red river hogs fluff their face hair when threatened to appear larger.

Male red river hogs fight by butting heads and whipping their tails. The warts on their faces help protect them.
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