March Monkey Madness - Who's Ready for 31 Days of Monkeys?

March Monkey Madness
Almost time for Monkey Madness! The first monkey will appear Saturday! Who's excited? I'm super excited!  So how's this monkey madness going to work?
We're planning to continue with regular blog posts during March. Visit our monkey collection to see all the monkeys of March Monkey Madness. and the monkeys that have debuted will be visible.  We also hope to do a weekly monkey round up.
de brazzas monkey
Right now Albert the Colobus is getting things ready for all his new monkey friends. All the animals get listed on the Meet the Squshies page so it seems a good place for the monkeys to appear. 
Monkeys will also be popping up on all of our various internet hangouts.  The monkeys will be available for purchase in the monkey section of our shop. 
squirrel monkey
Monkey picture used with permission from Violet's Buds 

Each monkey has been named,  but we did things a little differently. Instead of randomly picking names, each monkey's name originates from a country that particular monkey is found. At least that's what we tried to do.We're not experts on names or monkeys so there may be a few mistakes in our choices.
lion tailed macaque
We also tried to be careful to make sure we gave monkeys that had markings proper for a male monkey, boy names and monkeys with female markings, girl names. Monkeys that seemed like they could go either way we alternated so there would be a nice mix of girl and boy monkeys.
golden lion tamarin
Every monkey also has a story just like all of our regular Squshies, although much shorter stories. We did our best to try to make each story based at least a little bit on a fact about that particular monkey. We're planning on sharing more info about that fact on Facebook and Twitter.   
monkey silhouettes
We tried to be as true to the monkeys as possible but once again we're not experts. Mistakes have been made I'm sure. There are also limits to what you can do with felt. Felt colors often weren't the perfect monkey color we wanted, so compromises were made. Or markings had to be skipped or super simplified. 
We can't wait to share the monkeys with you, but it isn't quite March yet! Until then, here is a silhouette pyramid of all the monkeys for March.
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