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Today we're talking to Melanie from Violet's Buds. Melanie is one of the wonderful people I've met through the Storenvy community. Melanie beautiful accessories and hoop art. She's has some of my most favorite product photography too. Enough from me! Time to get to know Melanie.
Who are you? and where can we find your amazing work?
I'm Melanie and I'm the owner/creator of Violet's Buds. I create handmade hair accessories for all ages and occasions. Additionally, I have started a line of hoop art pieces for home decor and gifts.
Melanie's Shop -Violet's Buds 
Melanie's Blog
You can also find Melanie on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
rainbow flower hoop art
How did you get started doing this thing you do?
I started Violet's Buds after my daughter was born. I wanted her to have cute hair accessories, and after buying several I decided to try making my own. It quickly became an addiction, and I made gifts for my nieces and friends. With the encouragement from friends & family, I started my own shop. My pieces have evolved to include items for all ages.
What's your workplace like?
I don't have a dedicated workspace at this time. I do all of my creating at the coffee table, which is helpful when I craft and need to keep an eye on my little one.
Flower Fabric Bobby Pins
What materials and tools do you use to make your art?
I like to use reclaimed materials (clothes, jewelry, linens) and remnant fabrics to create hair accessories and hoop art. Since the materials are limited, most of my creations are one of a kind. The tools I use are needle and thread, scissors, and glue.
Where do you find your inspiration too create?

I'm inspired by the materials I use, nature, photography, my daughter, and other crafters. I love collaborating with other makers to create new pieces.
Valentine Flower Clip
That's enough with the serious questions, now on to the fun questions!

What color are your bedroom walls?
Right now our walls are "Belgian waffle" (yellow-cream) "Dusty Sage," and the ceiling is "Fuzzy Sheep." Since they've been that shade for 10+ years now, I'm ready for a change! I wouldn't mind having light blue-green walls, or a different shade of cream.
What animal do you fear?
I'm really creeped out by opossums. Especially when they are lurking around the backyard at night. Ew!
If you could be a wild animal for a day, what animal would it be?
Its so hard to choose! I think I'd be an otter for a day. It would be fun to swim around, then take a nap in the sunshine.
What kind of pet person are you?
I love dogs and cats both. Currently we have 3 dogs (all rescues), and I had a cat for 8 years. Before our daughter was born, we volunteered as a foster family for a local pit bull rescue group. We fostered 8 puppies, and 3 adult dogs over the course of 1 year, in addition to the 2 adult dogs we had. (We foster-failed with one puppy, which is why we now own 3 dogs) I miss having all the dogs around, but I don't miss the clean up!
Jeans, Khakis, or skirts?

I love to lounge in my yoga pants, but if I'm leaving the house its in jeans.
If you could go back in time and witness one historical event, what would it be? and why?

I would love to attend Woodstock! I'm a hippie at heart.
Custom Hoop Art
If you have a box of popsicles which color do you eat first? Why?
What if I have a box of bomb pops? In that case I'd eat the red first, because it would be silly to start with the blue on the bottom.
Sock, sock, shoe shoe or sock, shoe, sock shoe?
Sock, Sock, shoe, shoe always. The other way is just plain weird.
What's one of your guilty pleasures?
I love watching Snapped marathons while I'm crafting. I'm addicted to them! I'd worry that my husband thinks I'm getting ideas to plot against him, but he watches them with me sometimes.
Ocean Water Hair Clip
What's your favorite snack while working?
If I have my coffee or Dr Pepper, I don't need another snack. Of course I wouldn't turn down chocolate if someone offered it to me.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to live somewhere tropical in the wintertime, and then near mountains in a cooler climate in the summer. 
If stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want to bring?
Besides bringing my husband, kid and the dogs, I would bring a comfortable bed, a lighter or matches, and duck tape (did you see that Mythbusters episode?)

Violet's Buds
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