Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 7

Time for the weekly #dailyzoodle round up! When I finish with March Monkey Madness I'm going to have a  hard time deciding which new critter doodles to turn into felt versions!
dolphin doodle

12. Dolphin - Some dolphin doodles. I've been meaning to make a dolphin Squshie for a while but I'd never gotten around to sketching any. Would like to work with these a bit more before I take them to felt.
chameleon doodles
13. Chameleon - I always find reptiles kind of tricky to draw in Squshie style. I tried a side view and a front view. I thought front view chameleon was too grumpy, but he found a lot of love on Instagram. I think the sideways one might be fun on a hoop.

anteater doodles
14. Anteater -The last three Wildlife Wednesdays on the blog were about different anteaters. I thought it would be fun to doodle all the kinds. Until I realized how lazy I was feeling that day =/ So here is a questionably drawn Tamandua, silky anteater, and giant anteater.

orangutan doodle
15. Orangutan - Orangutan doodle. He's trying to convince me to let him be a part of March Monkey Madnesss, but unfortunately his being an ape not a monkey, disqualifies him.
tree kangaroo sketch
16. Tree Kangaroo - Quick little doodle of a tree kangaroo.

panda doodle
17. Panda - I've made a panda Squshie before. He was one of the earliest Squshies and I think he needs a cuteness makeover. Not sure if this is the final panda makeover but I think he's getting there.

aardvark doodle
18.  Aardvark - I tried to draw Nigel the Squshies aardvark, but this is nothing like Nigel. Maybe this is his cousin?
Anybody interested in continuing #dailyzoolde next month? Anyone want to join in? Prompt suggestions? I'd love to keep drawing with everyone!
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