Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 7

Weekly re-cap time! Here is the latest happenings around here with photos from #creativedaily prompts!
paper toy raptor
12. Red, Pink, White - Agatha the Velociraptor is checking out my tin full of envelopes. Envelopes full of monkey pieces. Agatha is the latest dino we've been working on turning into paper toy.
needle felt dinos
13. Hearts - Some of the needle felted dinos being cute with felt hearts.

scar valentine
14. Valentine - I get Scar cards for Valentine's Day! Jason always make me a fun card with Scar on Valentine's Day because Scar is my favorite Disney villain.
dino clock
15. Time - I like to tell time by dinosaur! This is the clock in the workroom.

angry birds
16. Winning - I had a nice relaxing day on Sunday. Just doing fun things like playing Angry Birds and going to the movies. Friday I finished sewing the monkeys and on Saturday we named and wrote short stories for all 31 monkeys. That's some winning!

German Chocolate Cake
17. Work - The prompt for Monday was work. The only work I did that day was work on eating this German Chocolate Cake. My birthday was Tuesday, but we celebrated early on Monday since everyone had the day off from work.

photo backdrops
18. Texture - For my photo backdrops I like to use scrapbook paper with textures and animal prints. Today I'm in the process of pairing monkeys with paper for the monkey photo shoot.
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