Daily Zoodle- Animal Doodle Round up 6

I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's doodles from #dailyzoodle this month! Everyone's sketches are helping me stay motivated and constantly inspiring me. This is by far the longest streak I have ever been on for doing daily drawings. Now on to this week's critters!

slow loris doodle

5. Slow Loris - Could slow lorises be any cuter? Lots of fun trying to Squshie up this critter!

chihuahua doodles
6. Chihuahua -  A quick and some what off doodle of Habanero the Chihuahua and then an attempt at a more real one. I was really happy with my more realistic one, until I messed it up a bit coloring =/

sloth doodles

7. Sloth -This is an animal that I would to make into a felt animal, but the perfect design still eludes me. *** Update - We perfected our sloth design! Meet Gracie! ***
donkey doodles
8. Donkey - An attempt at possible a future Squshie donkey and then some half hearted attempts at more realistic ones. Somedays you just aren't feeling very sketchy.
Tasmanian devil doodle
9. Tasmanian Devil - I think this guy is destined for a felt before the year is up. *** Update - Now a felt ornament! Meet Ezra the Tasmanian Devil ***
turtle doodle
10. Turtle - Making reptiles into Squshies is really hard! I decided to go more realistic with my turtle doodle. I picked my favorite turtle to draw, the pig nosed turtle!
fennec fox sketches
11. Fennec Fox - Yet another animal I'd like to turn into felt. I kind of like these doodles, but I feel like the proportions can be pushed a bit more before I make an ornament version.

What's been your favorite #dailyzoodle so far? Anybody interested in drawing more animals in March? Maybe some mythic creatures too? After all, lots of mythic creatures have animal parts!

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