Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 6

Time to look back at the week with creative daily pics and a few other random pictures from my week!

oops wall
5. Oops  - Today's prompt was oops so here is the wall next to my computer where I keep all the Squshie oops. We've got too small Kiki the tiger and Boris the red river hog. Fredrickson the owl in colors I decided against. Beauregard the Hippo who has damaged back felt and lastly Archibald the seahorse whose tail I'm not sure if I like for structural integrity.

messy work room
6. Clean Up - Always lots of clean up on a felt cutting day. This was the last day of monkey cutting.

little mermaid things
7. Part of Your World - "Part of Your World" which pretty much makes me think of The Little Mermaid and nothing else. Ariel was my favorite princess. Until Rapunzel. Cartoons, especially Disney ones, have always been a big influence on me. Also the mermaid bag is full of monkey bits waiting to be sewn.
favorite medium
8. Medium -My favorite medium to work with is felt. I have so much felt!

wedding ring
9. Bling Bling -  I'm not a blingy person. Even my wedding ring isn't blingy. Also this is totally a re-cropped picture from last months hand prompt because I couldn't manage a good new picture.

hoop art color wheel
10. Color Wheel - I thought I had enough different color pieces of hoop art for a color wheel for, but turns out I'm short a few colors. Luckily I have appropriate color fabric for future hoops to fill in the gaps =)

view from below
11. View from Below - My view from below. When I sit at my computer, I can look up at some of my action figures.  

monkey butt
This week lots of progress was made on the monkey front! All the monkeys are cut out and lots got sewn. here's a Sneakity sneak peak of the first monkey with a butt piece. I usually keep the backs of animals super simple but some of these monkeys just needed a little extra detail.
concert hall
I also went to see The Three Musketeers with the soundtrack being provided via a live pipe organ. This was pretty neat. I'd never seen the original Three Musketeers movie and live music is always a treat.
Now back to my monkey making!

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