Introducing Meety Monday - Artist Interviews

I've met some great artists and makers in the last few years through making Squshies.  I've also come across some wonderful animal artists whose work I love. I want everyone reading this blog to get to meet these talented individuals too!

That's why we're introducing a new series of blog posts, Meety Monday!  Alliteration and a pun? How could I not! Best name ever right? I asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to talk me down, but they just encouraged me =)

As you've probably guess from the name, these posts aren't gong to be the regular serious meet the maker posts you usually see on blogs. I wanted to do a more fun and wacky interview.

A couple weeks ago we asked our Facebook fans for question suggestions. Anything they would like to know about some of their favorite makers and silly questions, just because they're silly. Wow did they deliver! They came up with a huge list of fun and interesting questions.

After some standard questions, the interviewee is given the option to answer any of the many fun questions our Facebook Fans created. These questions are all optional, but we hope for answers to at least 3.

We're really hoping this will be a fun interview for participants and everyone who reads this blog. These interview posts won't necessarily be every Monday but they will be a frequent Monday occurrence.
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