Animal Doodle - Round Up 5

Time for the last few doodles from #animaldoodle a day!
frog doodle

29. Frog - I felt like doing something colorful on this day so I doodled a tree frog.

sea monster doodle

30. Sea Monster - Sea monster day! One of my favorite doodles from the challenge.

zombie doodle
31. Human - For Human day I drew Engelbert the Zombie. He used to be human after all. Looks like he still retained some of his human manners.

That's the end of the #animaldoodleaday prompts. I had so much fun doing this animal doodle challenge that I didn't want to stop, so I started my own. Here are the prompts for February.
February daily zoodle
I've been having so much fun seeing everyone's doodles and having fun keeping up my daily sketching. So instead of #animaldoodleaday, this recap will now be my #dailyzoodle! 
badger doodlebadger doodle
1. Badger - I was so excited about #dailyzoodle that I drew multiple badgers. 
walrus doodle
2. WalrusChester the Walrus wearing what I imagine would be a very bad helmet. He was the prompt on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not excited about football, but I do get excited about getting together with friends and eating piles of junk food!

moose doodles
3. Moose - I tried to draw Humphrey the moose with a mustache. That did not go well. His nostrils look like fangs. I made bad choices =/ So then I thought I'd give drawing a more serious moose a try.

platypus doodle
4. Platypus - Quick doodle of Wilhelmina the platypus. I tried to think of something fun for her to be doing, but as you can see I didn't think of one. Too distracted by the giant pile of monkeys I need to cut out!

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