Animal Doodle a Day Weekly Round Up 4

Weekly round up of animal doodles a day! Lots of familiar critters this week but a couple sneak peeks of animals we've got in the works.
deer doodle
22. Deer - Quick doodle of Ingrid the deer

23. Raccoon - Matilda the raccoon eating her favorite food, waffles!

kangaroo doodle

24. Kangaroo - Some doodles of Mildred the Kangaroo, doing some knitting and showing off a hat I'm guessing she also knit.

bird doodles

25. Bird - Some bird doodles and having fun with colored pencils.

monkey doodle

26. Monkey - Since I've spent all of this month and a big chunk of last month working on monkey designs for March Monkey Madness, I was lazy on this day and just shared one of those doodles.

hedgehog doodle
27. Hedgehog - A hedgehog doodle. He's a new critter in the works for this year.  ***Update - Now a full fledged Squshie, Meet Mortimer the Hedgehog! ***
chipmunk doodle
28. Chipmunk - Quick doodles of Ignacio the chipmunk. I think in the first one he must have found more toothpicks to build sculptures with. I think he must have ran out of toothpicks in the second doodle.

This animal doodle challenge is almost over so started my own! Check out my post about #dailyzoodle

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